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  • New Phone... Who Dis? - Breakfast Club – Achileez
  • New Phone... Who Dis? - True To Me – Achileez
  • New Phone... Who Dis? - Gravity – Achileez ft. Shonie
  • New Phone... Who Dis? - Anything
  • - Veto



Nick Vujicic, an author and motivational speaker. Despite living without any limbs, he taught himself to skateboard and even surf. Bethany Hamilton lost her arm in a shark attack while surfing in Hawaii. Three weeks later she was back on her board and competing. Stevie Wonder, born blind yet sold over 100 million records worldwide of songs he composed, playing multiple instruments on. Lastly, Dylan Campbell, a high school basketball bench warmer turned recording artist. Not many outstanding accolades to his name, although he was born without his right arm. So how does he stand out in the company of the names mentioned before his? If you ask him, he doesn’t. When you’re told something enough though, you begin to believe it yourself and Dylan has been told that he is an inspiration more than his fair share of times.

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